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Gloria Cruz about her family

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Gloria Cruz about her family

Gloria, can you please tell us, briefly, how and where you met your husband, Nicky? We met in Bible School. Nicky went there after his conversion.

What was your first impression of Nicky? He was playful, happy and easy-going.

When you have made the decision to become his wife, were you at all concerned about his past? Three years had passed and the most important thing to me was not who he had been, it was who he was at that time. He was a young man who wanted to serve God and work with youth and that was what I felt to do as well.

What was the reaction of your family and relatives regarding your choice of mate? My mother and oldest brother were not happy about it at all. My mother was especially unhappy because Nicky was from New York and she thought I would probably have to move to New York and that is what we did, one month after we were married.

How many years have you now been together? We will be married for 48 years in November 2009.

Please describe one of amazing moments/times from your marriage you remember most? I would have to say it was during our time of ministry in New York at the birth of Teen Challenge. We were a team! We saw lots of miracles.

What have been some difficulties/issues you had to deal with in the beginning of your marriage, how did you overcome and deal with them? It was most difficult to have priorities in the ministry - God first, marriage & family second and ministry third!

Please, tell us a little bit about your daughters. What is most important for you in your relationship with them? We have 4 daughters and the most important thing is that they love the Lord! Two of our daughters are in the ministry, one is a doctor of psychology, and the youngest is a housewife who is very involved in her community and her children's school. She has a monthly Bible study for 10 of her daughter's school mates and their mothers. They meet in her home.

Gloria, your husband is an evangelist; therefore he often has to be away from home. Is it at all difficult for you to part with your husband? What advice would you give to the wives whose husbands are also ministers/evangelists? It was hard until all of our daughters had left for college, we now travel together most of the time. The most important thing is for the wives to stay busy, and don't let your children feel neglected, they are also part of the team. But be willing to let their dad go out and work for the Lord.

How do you spend time with your family? What type of activities do you enjoy together? All of our daughters are married and have families of their own and all but one lives out of state. We make a point of visiting all of them whenever we are nearby. We try to visit each family at least twice a year and fortunately they all have a guest room ready for us! We all just enjoy spending time together and we always love time with our grandchildren!

What do you value most in your husband? His love for God. His passion for the lost. His sense of humor and his love and dedication to his family.

If there would be anything you would want to change in the past, what would it be? Everything has been like a wonderful adventure; the ministry, the travels, the great people we meet. I feel like the plan of God unfolded in my life and I am so grateful HE chose me!

What advice would you give young couples who have just begun their lives together? Pray together, read the Bible together. That will bring a unity between you both. Jesus is the glue that holds us together.

Questions: Olena Nikitska


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