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House of Bread Christian Church
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House of Bread Christian Church
6521 Hazel Ave
Orangevale, CA 95662

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House of Bread Christian Church
6521 Hazel Ave
Orangevale, CA 95662


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 Alexander Shevchenko is one of those individuals who are commonly called "people of destiny". He was born July 7th, 1974 in Krivoi Rog, Ukraine. The city of one million became home to him for seventeen years; it was where his youth and teen years passed and where all five of the Shevchenko children, of who Alex was the oldest, spent their childhood. Nikolai and Maria Shevchenko raised Alexander, Vladimir, Sergey, Victor and Tamila in a good family atmosphere, imparting Christian values and traditions to them.

In 1991 Alexander, along with his parents, emigrated to the USA. After two more years, having studied for nine in Ukraine, Alexander finished school and left to Russia for several years (Vologda, Kostroma). There, through join efforts, they started several Christian communities.

It was during this time that Alexanders mindset was changed, firm goals were formed and priorities derived from experience with a practical gospel were established. Working for these few years in the Russian expanses influenced the rest of Alexanders life in a substantial way.

In 1996 he met a wonderful woman named Zhanna who was dedicated to God. She went on to become his wife and partner in the work of the ministry.

Alexander and Zhanna have two children: Daniel (10 years old) and Victoria (6 years old).

In this same year, 1996, the young Shevchenko couple founded a ministry by the name of "Ugol", which in a short period of time obtained wide public recognition among the Slavic immigrants in the USA as well as in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The public could not help but notice the television programs with testimonies of people in whose life God had shown Himself in a supernatural way.

The young family was assisted by parents, siblings and a few dedicated friends in the establishment of this ministry.

The large demand for the discussions-seminars which Alexander began to record several years later brought about the opening of offices in Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, and Riga which distribute around one hundred thousand cassettes annually. Alexander receives invitations to different countries of the world and holds between eighty-eight and one hundred forty three seminars each year.

In august of 2005, after a long inner struggle that had lasted for more than a year, Alexander and Zhanna submitted to the call of God and a new Christian fellowship center by the name of "House of Bread" was opened in the city of Sacramento (California, USA) which held its first service on January 15th, 2006.


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